This is a list of the next features planned for Donald Finance to add and keep the community informed of their progress. It will be modified and enhanced over time.

Improvements of website:

  • Improved UX;
  • Suitable for mobile devices;
  • New dashboard;
  • Faster website / better hosting.
This list of plans is not strictly time-based, so features will be followed in a flexible manner, development team will make these updates as fast as they can.

Planned features:

  • Donald Token Presale;
  • Smart contracts deployment;
  • Launch of Donald Finance Yield Farming;
  • Adding burn mechanism for Smart Contract;
  • Providing high APR%;
  • DappRadar; ( Another Listing )
  • Promotion on YouTube and social networks.
  • Partnership with Another Defi Projects.
  • Donald crash and other crypto-based games
  • Farming version 2.0
Plans list will be operatively updated with new ideas and features .There are more features to come! Stay tuned!
Last modified 6mo ago