Donald Crash
We are introducing a game called Donald Crash. The game is based on game type called – crash game. This game helps to make our economics more stable and burn more tokens, it includes double burning system. On other hand this is interesting and exciting game, which gives you opportunity to win some Donald tokens and multiply your capital.
During special timer before the start of round, place a bet with Donald tokens and wait until multiplier is increasing. Multiplier shows how much will you get from bet.Take profit in any moment with current multiplier of your bet. But in any time, essentially random, game can stop and crash, so you will lose all your placed tokens. After that timer appears again, so you have time to place bet again for next round.
To play Donald crash you should send your tokens to the special game wallet, this sending has 5% commission, which will be burned. There is not commission on withdraw from game wallet.
The exact mechanics with numbers, percentage ratioof winning pool and burned tokens will be announced later, check the news!
Last modified 7mo ago
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