Farming V2.0
We are introducing new token and special pool and farms for it or in other words version 2 pools. This feature has two purposes: make price of Donald more stable and give people opportunity to get more money in new, special way.

How does it work?

There will be 1 pool with Donald and farms Donald/BUSD, Donald/BNB. The main difference from simple pools is increased APY. When you stack your tokens or provide liquidity, you start getting new tokens – Barack tokens. Before stacking tokens, you will be forced to use slider. Slider operates with days of stacking, the more days you choose – the more APY you will get and same thing for amount of provided liquidity, stack more and get more of new tokens.
Important thing – you can harvest your farmed tokens anytime and put them in your wallet. But be careful, if you unstack your liquidity ahead of time(time which you chose in the slider) you will pay 5% during withdraw. If you withdraw after end of chosen time, there is no fee.
When you put your funds in these pools – you pay 5% commission. Funds from these commissions will be used in the future, after end of version 2 pools round, we will generate liquidity for the new token. So, after end of farming, you could sell your farmed tokens.
Last modified 6mo ago
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